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    • yesterday
      Dear People of St. Charles,  Good morning and Happy Lenten Friday! Hope your Fasting, Praying, and Almsgiving continue to go well with you, just over a week into Lent. HERE is your last ever...
    • a week ago
      Catacombs Live is moving to a new time slot. Andrew and Jacob will update you when the new time is settled. There will be now show today. God bless you!
    • a week ago
      Gooooood Mooorning St. Charles! Happy First Friday of Lent. Hope your praying, fasting, almsgiving are off to a good start this holy season! HERE is your first Lent bulletin. In it, find: ~Youth...
    • a week ago
      MEN - TONIGHT at 6:30 pm, a special Watchmen event!  Join Fr. Luke Marquard for a special Mass at St. Joseph's altar (it's the "Year of St. Joseph" for both the Local and Universal...
    • a week ago
      Synod at Home: Tips and Tools for Growing in Faith Dates: New sessions posted weekly February 18 – March 18 Location: Online ( During Lent, we often take on practices to deepen our...

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